Dual Occupancy Floor Plans With Granny Flats


Dual occupancy floor plans are popular in vacation areas for many reasons. For one, there is less demand for properties there. Secondly, a home that has two or more bedrooms usually only has one tenant. Lastly, property management in these areas is normally quite efficient and competitive. Letting owners who have available rooms can enjoy a higher return on investment than owners with large vacant lots and properties that are unattended to.

Most popular in vacation areas for these reasons, duplex floor plans are also popular in new homes. These are essentially single-family dwellings built on a duplex unit and contain two or more bedrooms and bathrooms. Often, these units feature open floor plans and are decorated like single family dwellings. The majority of duplexes designed for new homes contain one to three bedroom units and are located on the main property.

In terms of duplex floor plans for new homes, a dual occupancy unit can accommodate as few as two individuals, or as many as five. Depending on the size of the lot, double-dwelling units can be built. Typically, the kitchen and dining areas are located on the primary floor. One can find these types of units in a variety of styles and configurations, including the dual use of the back-of-the-house parking area. When considering this type of home renovation for your vacation home, keep in mind that granny flats tend to not hold up to the rigorous demands of a hurricane or other harsh weather conditions.

With dual occupancy floor plans for new homes, the kitchen and dining areas are located on the first floor. These units also tend to have larger kitchens than other areas in a home, but on a very small scale. They are easy to convert into a master suite or guest room when needed. For families that entertain on a regular basis, there is no need to worry about the potential for water damage to the kitchen and dining area of the duplex house plans. Due to the fact that the kitchen and dining areas are on the first floor, they also tend to offer more storage space.

The kitchen of a duplex design floor plan for new homes is a positive addition to a property. Families that value durability will want to consider investing in a floor model that is made from solid masonry. Upgrading to a new house design with a duplex floor plan can add value to your home when the time comes to sell. Upgrading to a newer model with a new design can also increase the marketability of your property when selling. Solid masonry construction offers a sturdier foundation for your new home design.

Another benefit of duplex floor plans for new homes is the convenience of easy remodeling. The kitchen and bathtub areas of a duplex design apartment can be easily refinished, repaired, and painted. Updating these popular rooms in a home can increase their usability year after year. With many features and appliances featured in a new design, a home with these duplex home floor plans apartment floor plans can be customized with a large kitchen, a new bathtub, and new tile floors throughout the space. The possibilities for how to make use of these areas for your personal needs are endless.

When considering your needs with your new home, it is important to make sure you choose a floor plan with the best functionality for your family. A double storey duplex design floor plan is the ideal option for small to medium sized families with growing children. The duplex offers an efficient use of available space while giving your family the space they need to enjoy the comfort of living in their own house. With double storey duplex floor plans, there will never be an occasion when your family members have to leave their comfortable, luxurious apartment.

If you are looking to find the perfect home for your unique lifestyle, a home with the benefits of a dual occupancy plan is your answer. There are beautiful duplexes on the market today with the right amenities for you and your entire family to enjoy. There are also many loft apartments in Denver with double storey floor plans available. Whether you are searching for a simple studio apartment or a luxury residence with everything needed for a successful lifestyle, a beautiful apartment with a convenient location is waiting just for you!