Knowing Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels

My cosmic hyperlink: The 2nd element, water.
My feeling: I find out the cosmic matrice.
My meditation: I am PRESENCE.
My key-words: I pay attention to my dad or mum angel

On my Fool’s pilgrimage, I even have frequent the incarnation meeting the Magician, the number I.
Now I discover ways to cross in advance with the subsequent lesson: the High Priestess, quantity two.
I begin to see my inner space wider than I could ever have imagined.
In this infinite inner space, I meet my religious mother, the High Priestess.
She represents the quantity . She teaches me « There is constantly you, the other and the universe ».
She keep the e book of Life in her 333 angel number meaning hand and she or he is silently sitting, anticipating me to concentrate to her voice. She knows that if I want to head in addition, I must pay attention and comply with her know-how.
She stands beside me on every step I take, she advices me quietly and peacefully. She is my shining celebrity as soon as I name for her presence.
I sense her warm temperature, love and take care of me and this enables me to ring a bell in me how the universe cares for me, even at some point of the instances I lose my street, or neglect my name.
She whispers in my ear candy lullabies and soft songs that maintains following me, even in my desires.
I am so thankful to begin my idiot’s pilgrimage underneath such protection, I might have lost my avenue with out her, the High Priestess, my holy Mother.
Thank you my father or mother angel, I can preserve on following my journey knowing that you may usually be with me.