MI 11 Lite Review – An Informative Review

MI 11 LITERATION Compact and light, the newest from Nokia, this phone from the Finland-based company is all about the cutting-edge technology it features. Show your style with the sleek design, light weight, high tech performance, ultimate multitasking prowess and fun and games to boot. With the latest flagship-level smartphone, it can add greatly to your all-round excitement of your new 5G mobile life and really show off your style in all aspects. The slim, lightweight design makes for an easy-to-handle and comfortable device; a dual camera module with built-in OIS (optical image sensor), an Ultra Handycam Plus feature and an active display with Clear Voice helps make this phone all the more interesting.

Dual Shot – Take photos of anywhere you go with the help of the rear and front camera modules on the Nokia MI 11 LITERATION. With a one-touch shutter button, a high-definition camera module takes up very little space on the back of this handy smartphone. A neat, small notification center, a volume rocker and a battery door to provide additional functionality. This phone has a unique ability to turn itself into a hybrid smart phone as well, thanks to its bundled MMS service. You get all the benefits of a standard SMS platform with the added convenience of MMS.

Rear Camera – 8 MP, optical zoom, digital zoom Nokia Imaging Technologies has provided another complete line-up of imaging devices with the release of this phone. With an f/2.5 aperture, you’ll easily capture sharp images in just about any lighting condition. It comes mi 11 lite equipped with an intuitive interface that lets you optimize its modes, and also an advanced manual mode for users who’d rather take shots manually. The front-facing camera has a slightly higher resolution for pictures, which is good if you plan to use the device as a camera phone. Like many of its competitors, the Nokia MI 11 LITERATION comes with a decent software support and a wide, easy to navigate interface.

Ultra Wide Angle Lens – The Nokia MI 11 LITERATION sports a 20.4 Mega-pin optical zoom camera which is one of the best on the market. It’s powerful, yet compact, offering you the ability to capture even the most scenic views. The camera has no optical zoom support, meaning that you’ll need to pay extra to enhance images when the photo subject moves across the image plane. For this reason, the ultra-wide angle lens does miss out on some images, such as those with very thin subjects or low contrast.

Battery Power Packs – As well as the standard twenty-five minute built-in battery, the Nokia MI 11 LITERATION also features a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which offers up to ninety minutes of recording time. Rechargeable batteries can be an advantage in their own way, as they can be used on a daily basis and are not necessarily reserved for use by professional photographers. Many devices have been recently released, which offers double the number of hours from a single charge. The ability to extend the battery life has become more important over recent years, and the MI 11 LITERATION is no exception. Most professional photographers will agree that it is important to have a spare power source, and so the built-in lithium-ion battery helps to keep you ready for anything.

Video Recording Capability – The larger body allows for a better recording space, and the camera has both a video recording mode and a still-photo mode. It’s worth mentioning that the latter is particularly helpful for short video clips, since there is no sound involved. The video footage can be directly uploaded to social media, while the still-photo images can be utilized for product promotion or in client portfolio reviews. A final point to mention regarding the built-in lithium-ion battery is that, when it comes to charging, the unit utilizes the same micro USB port that other Nokia phones use, meaning that one can enjoy a fully charged phone without having to connect to a laptop or other device.