Regardless of whether you are an amateur or a high-level understudy, you are likely blameworthy of making no less than one of the accompanying seven errors. 

While botches are an essential piece of any learning venture, a few errors can dial back your advancement and make the investigation of astrology more difficult. 

Misstep #1 – You trust Astrology is about Sun signs 

As indicated by measurements, more than 33% of individuals in the US read horoscope segments – which presumably incorporates a portion of your companions and associates who say that astrology is gibberish (ha!). 

Regardless of where you are on your astrology venture, your first experience with astrology was presumably your Sun sign. Also, that is fine. The solitary issue is that you might stop here and accept that this is all that astrology is about. 

Astrology is quite a lot more perplexing, and the Sun signs are just a little piece of the master plan of your diagram. 

Did you realize that horoscopes were basically “imagined” in 1920 as a mass-advertising plan? What’s more, did you realize that the horoscope paper sections are seldom composed by astrologers? 

In addition to the fact that the sun is sign horoscopes a smidgen of what’s going on with astrology… yet they additionally give astrology a terrible name. 

Astrology looks at 1.) signs (Aries, Taurus, and so on) astrology zodiac sign, yet additionally, 2.) planets (Sun, Venus, and so forth), 3.) houses (first house, second house, and so on), and 4.) viewpoints (conjunctions, squares, and so on), planetary cycles and substantially more! 

We should take a model: suppose you are a Leo Rising and your outline ruler, 1.) Sun is in 2.) Libra, in 3.) the seventh house, and 4.) conjunct Pluto. If we crunch the numbers, the odds to have this specific blend is 1 to 7200! What’s more, this is just for one of the arrangements in your diagram. 

If we take a gander at all of the factors of the graph, we have thousands, even millions, of blends. The universe manifests itself, particularly without fail. That is the reason each birth diagram is different, and that is the reason there is no “one size fits all” astrology perusing. 

And keeping in mind that astrology is intricate, it doesn’t need to be confounded – IF you get the essentials right. 

Mix-up #2 – You “bounced” learning stages 

You are at the contrary range of Mistake #1. You realize that astrology is more intricate than the 12 signs. Be that as it may, you hop steps and attempt to learn astrology excessively fast. 

At the point when you advance your astrology abilities, it’s not difficult to get energized, to peruse 346 blog entries about what Venus square Saturn implies, then, at that point, to attempt each apparatus, perspective, or space rock out there. 

Isn’t that space rocks or minor planets are not significant, yet putting an excessive amount of spotlight on them before you ace the astrology basics isn’t simply going to occupy you, yet will likewise lead you down some unacceptable way. 

Space rocks, for instance, can bring additional understanding into translation, yet they in no way, shape, or form shed light on the focal topics of your graph. 

In this way, particularly if you are in your first long periods of examining astrology, I might want to urge you to zero in on the primary mainstays of astrology. Afterward, when you extend your insight, you can begin exploring different avenues regarding space rocks, minor perspectives, or other special methods. 

Error #3 – You accept there are “awful planets” and “great planets.” 

If you think Jupiter is the “hero” and Saturn, the “miscreant,” you might be the survivor of sixteenth-century astrology thinking. 

Not that there isn’t any fact in this. Indeed, Jupiter has the nature of extension, and Saturn the nature of constriction – so we are considerably more prone to “feel better” when we have a Jupiter travel. 

During a Saturn travel, you may not feel that great – nobody loves difficult work and discipline. We are NOT organically wired to like it – nonetheless, when you genuinely befriend Saturn, the sensation of achievement that Saturn brings doesn’t measure up to whatever else. Every planet plays a specific part in constructing our mind – and has novel things to educate us! 

Astrology, similar to all the other things, is advancing. Since the revelation of transpersonal planets (what began with the disclosure of Uranus in 1781), new gateways of mindfulness have opened. 

Mars, for instance, has an exceptionally crude, “me-first” activity arranged energy. Before, when our cognizance levels were not excessively evolved, we would without any problem “surrender” to Mars’ raw energy and make a wild move that we would lament later. That is the reason Mars has customarily been related to war. 

Notwithstanding, these days, the greater part of us don’t react to Mars similarly – all things considered, a Mars travel turns into a chance to step up to the plate and stand up for ourselves in a healthier manner. 

Nothing is high contrast, each “great” has its “terrible,” and each “awful” is there to show us something new with the goal that we can ascend to “a higher level” of mindfulness. 

Error #4 – You stall out in examination/loss of motion 

You know the hypothesis. You know the perspectives. Yet, with regards to assembling things and understanding graphs… you freeze. 

There are two purposes behind this: one can be followed back to Mistake #2 – you bounced organizes and didn’t get a strong establishment. 

The second explanation is that nobody has shown you the whole cycle of perusing a graph. There are many astrology books about angles, yet barely anything out there on the best way to move toward an outline perusing. 

You need one bunch of abilities when you begin learning astrology… and a different arrangement of abilities once you begin understanding graphs. If toward the starting, you need to put your Mercury cap on and become familiar with the “astrology language,” later, you need to put your Jupiter cap on and apply union to the outline understanding cycle. 

Misstep #5 – You accept astrology is deterministic 

You accept a lot in destiny. This can appear as “if it’s intended to be, it will be,” “Mercury is retrograde – I will stow away in my room,” “I have Saturn in the seventh house so I won’t ever get hitched.” 

A few scholars – who upheld the hypothesis of assurance and destiny – ventured to say that “if one’s activities are not controlled by character, then, at that point an individual can’t be liable for what they are doing.” 

When we accept a lot in destiny, we don’t assume liability for our life and fault all that turns out badly on “predetermination” or outside conditions. Be that as it may, if life were 100% foreordained, it wouldn’t bode well to be born. 

We are allowed to come into this life precisely because there is a natural thing to human plan – to assist us with growing out of our predetermination. 

At the point when you accept astrology is simply deterministic, you feel the loss of the mind-blowing potential for mindfulness and self-change astrology has to bring to the table. 

Error #6 – You think you have total through and through freedom 

Rather than Mistake #5, you can be on the other limit and think that there is nothing of the sort as a “difficult Pluto travel” since you are a self-completed person. 

Nobody has 100% unrestrained choice. A few travels are extreme. This is particularly obvious before we have our first Saturn return or Pluto square when we are not yet furnished to manage the energy of difficult travels. 

Even though it is the case that the more we raise our awareness, the more we “ace” the planets and our “destiny,” – we can never completely dominate everything. We are largely understudies of life, and we continue gaining from each experience. 

Life is half destiny and half choice – we are half nature, half soul, half Yin, half Yang, and our life is a secret already in the works. It is in the vulnerability of the 50/50 split where development occurs. 

The main astrology botch I accept we are liable of is to utilize astrology as an apparatus to “anticipate” and “control” your life. 

This is an interesting one – as a result, we are attracted to astrology, particularly because we need to acquire a type of power over our lives when we find out about our natal graph or check our travels. 

Be that as it may, none of us can “outfox” the stars – we can just take in astrology from a position of interest and humbleness. We can’t “control” the stars, neither power an occasion to occur through races nor hanging tight for the right travel. 

Try not to attempt to utilize astrology to “acquire” something. Try not to fear awful travels. Astrology is a gift from the Universe – and when we take in astrology from a position of interest and humbleness, we consequently get in a state of harmony with the Universe and do the “correct thing” as per our underlying human plan and the co-creation openings we have out of nowhere. 

# 7 You quit learning 

Maybe you never got past Sun signs because, in your heart, you accept astrology is a diversion and can’t be approached seriously… 

Or then again, you might have gotten stuck because the astrology wording is by all accounts excessively muddled. 

Or, on the other hand, because, while you know the Astro-language, really perusing graphs appears to be a master-level thing that, as it were, “illuminated” astrologers can do. 

Whatever your explanation is, YOU CAN learn astrology. Anybody can learn astrology when given clear, direct apparatuses and structures. Everything begins with you needing to take your astrology information and experience to a higher level. 

Taking everything into account… 

Regardless of whether you commit any or every one of the errors above, you are incredible! The way you read through this rundown implies that you are a reflective individual and need to work on yourself – and eventually, this is the main essential to learning astrology or turning into an astrologer.